Glucometers, Lancets, & Strips

Blood lancets are small plastic cylinders that contain a sterile steel needle held within a lancing device. The lancet needle is used to poke a small hole in the skin of a finger for a blood sample to check blood glucose levels. Lancets are most commonly used by people with diabetes.


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OneTouch Select Test Strips provides accurate result in just 5 seconds. This is used in One Touch Select Simple device.


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FreeStyle Lite Blood Glucose test strips are available for the self-testing of blood glucose and can be used with the FreeStyle InsuLinx, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, FreeStyle Lite & FreeStyle Papillon Mini meters.


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OneTouch SureSoft Lancets are needles that produce more blood than acid-washed devices, allowing smaller gauge needles to be used with less penetration. It has distinctive wing design prevents reloading and reusing. It also has comfort grips which are easy to hold and use. It has preset gauge for no guessing, no maneuvering, and easy training


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OneTouch Select Simple is a blood glucose monitor with new features and benefits that make tracking your blood sugar easier and faster. With colour and audio alerts, you are alerted when your blood sugar levels are low, high or very high. With its icon-driven interface and no coding, setup or buttons, all you need to do is insert the strip to start, apply blood, and results can be obtained in a matter of seconds.


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