Mobility Aids

A quad cane is a mobility device that aids walking and mobility. It is similar to a standard cane, but it has a metal base on the bottom with four small feet that extend from the base. These feet have rubber caps that help reduce slippage on the floor.


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Aluminum Underarm Crutches are designed for people that have an immobile leg that cannot support any weight. They have a comfortable and latex pad that fits securely into the underarm area, allowing the user's weight to be supported. A handgrip on each of the Aluminium Underarm Crutches allows the user to grasp them securely.


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Single canes are single point canes designed to provide an additional point of contact with the ground to help with balance. They are best for people who need little to no upper-extremity weight bearing.


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Commode chair is used by those who needs help going to the toilet due to illness, injury, or disability.


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Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness (physiological or physical), injury, or disability.


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Aluminum Walker is designed to provide stability and support for people with independent mobility issues. It consists of a simple metal framework, with four adjustable legs that allow the walker to be set to the optimum height for the user. The top rail of the walker will have two hand grips.


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